RAPID-BALL 3rd Test, Balearic Circuit

Translation of an article which appeared in SLICE MAGAZINE (Spain) 23.12.07 - 01.08 edition


Cerdá takes on José Sánchez Coll

There were no surprises during the latest round of the Balearic Circuit 2007, and the favourite to triumph was none other than José Antonio Cerdá “Polos”. The ELITE CLUB player did not give his rivals a chance and beat José Sánchez Coll in the final.

The last Rapid-Ball tournament of the year took place in the LA CÉLULA DEPORTIVA (Coll d´en Rabassa).
Between Friday the 16th and Sunday the 18th November, the 25 participants enjoyed a dynamic weekend during which there were no surprises:

In one the semi-final, Pablo Doiztua faced José Antonio Cerdá (both from the ELITE CLUB) and in the other José Sánchez Coll (also ELITE CLUB) played Joan Llompart (LAS PALMERAS in Alcudia).
The victories of “Polos” and Sánchez in their respective semi-finals, meant that they would face each other in the final, where “Polos” used his “savoir-faire” to become the winner of the championship with relative ease.

It was the first time that the LA CÉLULA club had held a tournament of this type and the managers of the event did a first class job organising the event.

This event brought to a close the first season of the Balearic rapid-ball circuit. Martin Font, the President of the Balearic Squash Federation was very pleased with the large number of participants in each event and looks forward to even more success for the new sport of rapid-ball “a producto Balear” in 2008.


VI World Rapid-Ball Championships (2007)

Translation of an article which appeared in SLICE MAGAZINE (Spain) AUGUST/Sept 2007 edition

Salvador Miró

In the grand final, Salvador beat Pablo Doiztua in a close fifth set (8-6). Miró achieves his third world title.
The VI World Rapid-Ball Championship took place at the Las Palmeras tennis club in the Port of Alcudia in July.

A total of 90 players registered for this sporting event which is continuing to gain more and more players worldwide.

There were two surprise results in the quarter finals when Jordi Morano, who was defending his titile, was beaten by Pablo Doiztua. Another candidate for the final – Emilio Autonell, champion on two previous occasions – was beaten by Tomeu Llompart.

In the end, Pablo Doiztua and Salvador Miró reached the grand final and the latter demonstrated his superior competitive level and took the VI Championship in five sets with a close 8-6 in the last set.


Its worth noting that this Championship used the new way of scoring which the organisation put into place in order to make the game more interesting – if possible – both for the audience and the players. The new system consists of playing the sets with eight points instead of the usual fifteen and to play the best of five sets instead of the best of three. This change proved to be a great success. So much so, that serious consideration is being given to use this scoring system as the official one for this young sport.

The VI World Rapid-Ball Championship came to an end with the handing over of the prizes to the winners, adding another arrow to Miró’s sporting bow as he is in first place with three titles.

Year Winner
2002 Emilio Autonell
2003 Salvador Miró
2004 Salvador Miró
2005 Emilio Autonell
2006 Jordi Morano
2007 Salvador Miró


Baleares Official Rapid-Ball Championship

Translation of an article which appeared in SLICE MAGAZINE (Spain) April /May 2007 edition

Antonio Cerdá wins the Balear Rapid-Ball Championship.
The Elite Club in Cala Mayor held the 2007 Balearic Rapid-Ball Championship in March.
Antonio Cerdá (“Polos”) was crowned champion after beating Salvador Miró who had recently come from winning the Spanish Championship in Jerez.
In the second category Paco Soler was the winner beating Juan Carlos Terrassa in the final. Gabriel Campins took the third category title beating Daniel Perez.
Caty Bowen beat Zahira Font (two very talented squash players) for the ladies’ title.
There was a huge turn out for the tournament with many squash and tennis players amongst the 60 entries.


Jerez has joined Mallorca and Barcelona as the biggest promoters of Rapid-Ball in Spain

Rapid-Ball is proving to be one of the most important sports to be emerging from Spain.
Jerez has joined Mallorca and Barcelona as promoters of this option in racquet sports with a slight similarity to squash and could be described as clay court tennis on a squash court.
It was the first time that the Activa Club had held a Rapid-Ball Championship and it’s Director showed his appreciation at the end of the event for the enthusiasm generated by both the players and the public.


3rd Spanish Rapid-Ball Championship

Translation of an article which appeared in SLICE MAGAZINE (Spain) April/May 2007 edition.

Champion Salvador Miro beat Pablo Doiztua 2-0 in the final which was dominated by Majorcan players.
The 3rd Spanish Rapid-Ball championship took place in February at the Activa Club in Jerez with the winners’ podium dominated by Majorcans. Salvador Miró, the winner in 2003 and World Champion in 2004, had little difficulty in becoming the Spanish Champion for the second time.
The Balearic Island team dominated the Championship without losing a single set throughout the entire tournament.
Pablo Doiztua – also Majorcan – and an experienced Rapid-Ball player, was unable to beat his colleague and lost by two sets to zero (15-10 and 15-9).
Third place was also taken by a Balearic player – Juan Llompart (the Spanish Champion in 2004) and one of the main promoters of this sport in Spain.
The 3rd Spanish Championship brought together the 40 best national players – a number which is increasing year by year, some of them very experienced squash players.



Translation from ANDALUCIA PRESS

The Spanish Rapid-Ball Championship (a cross between racquetball, squash and padel) took place last weekend at the Jerez Activa Club premises with the collaboration of the Municipal Sports Management. The event, which attracted the best 40 players in Spain, lasted until Sunday with the winner being Salvador Miró, who showed his authority by not losing a single set in all the matches he played. In the final he achieved a victory against another Majorcan Pablo Doistua with 15-10 and 15-9. In third place was Juan Llompart.

The Councillor for Sport, Alfonso García, explained that “it is important for Jerez to hold national category events and in this case, introduce this sport in the city with a tournament of this type. We competed with Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca to be the hosts and in the end Activa Club, lead by the Municipal Sports Department, took the necessary steps to enable our city to host said event for this new sport which will surely find its niche within racquet games played and gain more and more fans every day as happened with padel.

The best Jerez player was the person responsible for racquet sports at the Activa Club in Jerez, Alejandro Sánchez, the Andalusian Squash Champion, who achieved a well-deserved 5th place. Other outstanding Jerez players were Alex Páez (9th), Francisco Grajera (10th) and José Sánchez (11th).

The Managing Director of the Jerez Activa Club, Juan Antonio Gutiérrez, said “our Sports Centre has strongly supported the introduction of this new sport to the city and came to an agreement with the Management of the Municipal Sports Department to hold a Rapid-Ball Introduction Day exhibiting and teaching the sport in the Municipal Sports Stadium which was completely free of charge. The event was a success and what is important is that in the near future, when this sport is better known, Jerez has been the first city to host the Spanish Championships.